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Monetary policy Share on social networks. Click to show the links Print The primary objective of the Eurosystem is to maintain price stability. To achieve this objective, the European Central Bank (ECB) manages monetary policy, through which it aims to influence the cost and availability of money in the economy. This section includes information on how monetary policy works in the economy, which instruments and procedures are used to achieve its goals, who the counterparties are and the role played by collateral in central bank operations.


In this section, the following legal information resources, among other, can be accessed: Regulation of the Financial System, which offers state, regional and EU financial regulations, consolidated and grouped by categories. Database of Financial Law, which allows the consultation of consolidated state, regional and EU provisions, as well as the previous versions.


Supervisory guides, both own and adopted from other institutions. Rules in public consultation phase. Unofficial translations into English of the most relevant standards of the Spanish financial system. Regulation of the financial system State legislation (Spain) Legislation of the Autonomous Regions: Savings banks Go EU law Financial legislation database in Spanish Advanced search Opens in a new window Chronological index: 2023 Go Analytical index Opens in a new window



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The Agricultural Bank Development España Since 1990 is within the framework of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), the supervisor of the Spanish banking system along with the European Central Bank. Its activity is regulated by the Law of Autonomy of the ECB.